Stacey & Jaydon were seasoned lovers.   Many years together had brought them to this point and it was clear their marriage meant a lifetime commitment, one they have been looking forward to for some time.   This was all evident the moment they saw each other as Stacey was being walked down the aisle by her Dad.

Another thing that stood out on this day was the love of friends and family.   Their marriage was the beginning of a new family that would create it’s own lifetime bonds of love and admiration.

It was a real pleasure to document this wedding day.   Stacey & Jaydon, may everything that is good be yours.

Ena & Nick, a truly lovely couple.  Some people are just such excellent people, they almost make you want to become good friends with them just because of the calibre of people they are.  That’s how I felt about Ena & Nick.  Ena was an unassuming, loving bride, with a five star personality and beauty equal to her capacity, while Nick had a flawless enthusiasm and a kind, humble nature with an obvious love for life and others.

The day was a real celebration of the love they share, and many moments in the film I see them admiring each other with looks of true love and deep gratitude.  It was a real privilege to be a part of this day.



Well, after the long drive I arrived early, and having a DVD player in the car, I cranked the air-conditioning and sat in the back seat and enjoyed some Ace Ventura.   About half way through I was rudely interrupted by 3 policeman with unpleasant looks on their faces.  They grilled me for why I was there, asking me why I have kids shoes in the car, and why I have expensive camera equipment in the back,  and only after the Spiller boys from ATM Tanks arrived and validated my reasons given, did they decide to smile and let me be.

Guilty until proven innocent right?

Anyway, here is the video project I came up with.


I have said it before, but I really enjoy weddings.   Especially when you are accepted as more of a guest than a worker.  Alana & Brent, plus their bridal party, were so much fun.  Also working with Kieron Douglass was a great experience (he provided the still shots for this film).

If they could all be this much fun!



Congratulations Kaitlan & Brigham!  What a superb day to be married on.  All the happiness in the world to you both, and make it forever!



Byron Bay has got to be one of the best places to get married, especially on days like this, and It’s always a pleasure being welcomed into two families, even just for one day.

Congratulations Tanya & Chris, a wonderful beginning to a life long journey began with a perfect day, I guess that’s how the locals get treated in Byron.

I really enjoy working weddings.  When you meet people for the first time, they are real friendly and warm, sharing the love of the day.  When you share moments of deep emotion with people, you can’t help but develop a bond.  When I witnessed the emotions of Ian as the ceremony began it was touching to see his heart melt, and his eyes water, as the reality of the moment hit him.

Congratulations Lahni and Ian!  You have a wonderful family, all the happiness possible to you both!

The way Phillip looked at Kyeema told the story of the day, even though this was the 3rd wedding celebration for the couple (Canada, London & Byron).  Being invited to document a wedding day is a special thing.  Sometimes I get briefly caught up in the love and celebration and forget that I’m there to work.  For a moment I am part of the family, not just someone doing their job.  That’s when I can tell the love in genuine and the commitment definite.

Congratulations Kyeema & Phillip.

The first stage is up!  On the day they announced all tickets have been sold.  It is shaping up to be a superb event.

C & M Productions are providing the staging.  Mick and his boys churned out the first stage quite quickly considering the forklift trucks were all tied up elsewhere.


Soundtrack:  Battlestar ScratchlacticaIncubus